Kirsten Han Says Drugs Not to Blame for Thai Drug Addict’s Attack on Childcare Centre

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Local anti death penalty activist Kirsten Han took a shot at Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam after he cited the mass shooting at a childcare centre in Thailand as an example of why we need tough drug laws.

The shooting, which killed at least 38 people, was carried out by an ex-cop Panya Kamrab who was known to be a drug abuser. Thailand has since clamped down on drugs in the wake of the mass shooting.

In response to Minister Shanmugam’s post, Kirsten Han wrote that the minister was simply using this incident to prove that he is right about drugs when drugs actually have no link to the senseless killings by Panya.

Citing Thai police’s report on the initial drug test, she concluded that as Panya was not found to have taken any illegal drugs in the 72 hours prior to his rampage, “there is currently no indication that the killer did what he did under the influence of drugs”.

So what if the killer did not take drugs right before the shooting? Is Kirsten Han denying the fact that drugs have long term effects on one’s mental health? The fact is the killer has not quit his drug habit since his sacking from the police force and he is mentally disturbed.

There is plenty of evidence that drugs destroy lives and families. Why should we not try to prevent people from trafficking and abusing drugs?

If the second drug test shows Panya had indeed taken drugs before the killings, what would Kirsten Han and her fellow anti-death penalty activists then say?


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