Johor Fishermen Trespass Singapore Waters, Makes Police Report Against Singapore Coast Guard When Told to Leave

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Trespassing into another person’s property is never tolerated anywhere. However, some Johor fishermen seem to think that it was okay to trespass into Singapore waters, to do their fishing.

In a video that went viral on social media today, a group of 10 Johor fishermen were seen being told to leave the area by Singapore Coast Guard officers after they had trespassed into Singapore waters. However, instead of admitting their mistakes, these Johor fishermen confronted the Singapore Coast Guards aggressively, claiming that they had the right to fish in these waters. This is despite the Coast Guards repeatedly telling them that they were in Singapore waters.

Oddly enough, news of this incident were quickly reported on Malaysian MSM, in which the entire incident was twisted into Singapore’s wrongdoing. Malaysian MSM reported that the Johor fishermen did not do anything wrong, as they were in the waters of the Johor Strait. It seem obvious now, that the Malaysian politicians were eager to use this incident as cannon fodder in the upcoming Malaysian General Elections.

This was not the first time that the Malaysians have pulled this stunt. In fact, the Malaysians seem to enjoy putting on this show whenever elections are near, or when there is a change in government in their country.

In Jan 2019, a group of five government vessels had trespassed into Singapore waters, and refused to leave after repeated warnings from the Singapore Navy. The Johor Chief Minister Osman Sapian, who instead of trying to defuse the situation, decided to trespass the Singapore waters himself, and visit the government vessels. The Chief Minister even posted photos of his visit, and commended the officers in the vessels for a job well done, completely disregarding the territorial rights of Singapore.

Singapore has always been a very good and friendly neighbour. Despite Malaysia’s repeated transgressions, Singapore continues to be tolerant. But just how many times, does our “friendly” neighbour want to continue playing their childish games? Even patience has its limit.

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