Woman Gets Slapped By Food Delivery Rider For Moving Wrong Food Delivery Order Next Door

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Miss Goh (26-years-old) works as a receptionist at Coliwoo Hotel, a shared co-living hotel consisting of both hotel rooms, and rental rooms, located along Amber road.

On Monday morning (31st Oct), she reported for work as usual at the hotel front desk, and saw a food delivery order placed on the front desk table.

As Miss Goh thought that the order was sent to the hotel by mistake, as there have been multiple times previously when the condominium residents had entered the wrong address for their food delivery order. Miss Goh then proceeded to place the food delivery outside the hotel front door on the floor.

It was then, that she realised that the food delivery order contained a note, stating the room number of the customer who placed the order at the hotel.

As Miss Goh returned to retrieve the food delivery order, a grey van stopped in front of the hotel. The driver of the grey van a man in his 60s angrily confronted Miss Goh for putting the food order outside the hotel, while two other women also in their 60s scolded Miss Goh. Of the two women also slapped Miss Goh on her face.

After Miss Goh said she would call the police, if they continued attacking her, the 60-year-old woman continued her attacks, and said that she will continue beating her even if the police came.

The driver of the grey van reportedly fled the scene, after seeing Miss Goh call the police, while the two women in their 60s remained behind, until the police arrived.

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