PHV Drivers Reel From Shock $30,000 Payment; Car Insurance Does Not Cover Cars Damaged By Floods

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After yesterday’s flash floods in the eastern parts of Singapore where almost half a months worth of rain fell in four hours, numerous drivers found themselves in hot soup after discovering their ‘comprehensive’ car insurance did not cover damages due to an ‘Act Of God’ and were liable to pay hefty repair payments for their vehicles.

In one case, a private hire vehicle (phv) driver who tried to brave the waist high flood waters found himself in deep troubles after his rental vehicle stalled in Bedok. Upon reaching the company workshop, he was told his flood damaged vehicle was not covered by insurance and he has to personally fork out $30,000 for repairs much to his chagrin. The drivers claims that at least another 8 to 10 drivers were in the same situation.

He warned fellow drivers to never attempt to brave the waters and to just turn the other way. It was not worth the risk he said!

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