E-scooter Riders Cry Foul Over LTA Enforcement Crackdown; Laments Lack Of Freedom In Singapore

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After the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) ramped up enforcement efforts against e-scooter users who rode non-compliant scooters (weighing more than 20kg) citing a reduction of serious injuries during collisions with pedestrians, a sizable portion of e-scooter users were up in arms over LTA’s strict enforcement of the 20 kilogram weight limit.

They lamented how this would put delivery riders and regular folks who used PMD for ferrying their kids to and from school at risk of flouting this strict rule.

One avid e-scooter user Joel made his feelings felt online. He said:

I really don’t know what happen to Singapore Really no freedom at all. … NEWS focus on stuff like this then how about car accident?? People Die from car accident and you trying to cover and not posting on the news?? What have Singapore become?

AND YOU LTA REALLY ZEKARK SEE WHAT KIND OF SCOOTER YOU ARE CATCHING POOR UNCLE/AUNT THAT CAN’T AFFORD A CAR or Trying to fetch their kid with the scooter YOU LTA CATCH THEM +FINE THAT IS SO HEAVY? If they can pay the fine they already have a car to fetch their young one. And not catching all the YP (Young Punk) riding dangerously on the pavement going so fast.

I have the right to say what I want not happy then don’t look or you can find me personally.

Some have also started a petition calling for LTA to review the 20 kilogram limit so as to allow current e-scooter models on the market to remain legal. If you are a fellow e-scooter user who feels LTA’s weight limit on e-scooters is excessive, you may access the petition here.


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