S’porean Man Digitally Edits McDonald’s Receipt To Help Them Save Environment

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A Singaporean man started his own project to help McDonald’s save the environment. He shared about his love-hate relationship with the fast food chain – while he enjoys its value-for-money meals, he finds the receipts too long and wasteful.

“You know the receipts we’ve been getting from McDonald’s? Those awfully long ones like parchments. Those… 32cm ones (Gasp!).

Well, even if you ordered only one item, OR from the counter, it hardly changes the length, I’ve observed.

I’m just thinking, if we could just improve the design a little, surely we could save more paper AND the environment right?”

Here’s a look at the original length:

With the bright idea in mind, the man started to reduce extra line spacings, ads and paragraphs on his existing receipt.

“The result? Almost 50% of a 32cm x 8cm long paper could have been saved – on just ONE single transaction alone.”

Here’s how the end-product looks like:

How do you find it? The man hopes that McDonald’s can take a look at his effort and do its part to save the environment. It should not be too difficult since he has already given them the idea.

That is a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind.


Credit to FB Daniel Ong

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