Opinion: Should Drug Traffickers Be Treated Leniently Or Be Responsible For Their Actions?

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A 28-year-old man was arrested for abandoning an unconscious baby at the Singapore General Hospital and for drug-related offences. The man was found to be carrying drugs in his vehicle and was caught in a joint operation by the Police and the Central Narcotics Bureau. It is unclear what led him to abandon the baby but the poor child is in critical condition.

Do you think someone like him should be let off? Often, some activists in Singapore will argue for drug traffickers to be treated leniently. Whenever someone is punished for drug-related offences, they will blame the authorities for not considering their difficult circumstances and depriving them of second chances.

Sure, drug traffickers may be in dire straits and should have basic human rights, but that does not give them a reason to act irresponsibly and harm others, which unfortunately in this case, is an innocent baby. Do you think he thought about the baby’s human rights when he abandoned him/her at the hospital? Who is the one we should really be protecting here?

Many people face difficulties too but they do not resort to drug trafficking or destroying innocent lives. If this is the path that they choose, they should well be responsible for their own actions, and the law will help with that.

Thus, in order to prevent these incidents from happening, there has to be strict laws to bring these offenders to justice. If we are not tough enough, Singaporeans will be the ones to suffer the consequences. By then, it will be too late.

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