New Speeding Cameras Spotted Along TPE? Or Is It Something Else Entirely?

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Recently, photos of what appear to be a row of cameras were seen along TPE at the Punggol Road exit. Understandably, netters were quick to assume that they were speeding cameras installed to help raise revenue to fund the million dollar salaries of our Ministers.

But this could not be further away from the truth. In fact, the Singapore Traffic Facebook group clarified the purpose of these cameras (click here for article). The camera devices were in fact part of a new ERP vehicle tracking system which was being tested ahead of its launch in 2020 (click here for article).

While these scary looking things are not speed cameras designed to bankrupt you for wanting to have a friendly race match with your buddies, it is certainly not okay for you to speed or drive dangerously on expressways.

In Singapore, speed cameras are big and painted red and often accompanied by signs reminding you of the voluntary donation you are about to make, should you carry on driving your car like you just stole it. Luckily, we do not have elaborate plans like other countries where they hide speed cameras in trashbins, unmarked vehicles, and other camouflaged places. At least this new device will not suck our money dry!

Speed Cameras in Singapore

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