WP Is Going Strong But Where Is Chen Show Mao? Is He All Show and No Go?

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Chen Show Mao joined the Worker’s Party (WP) in 2011 with a very impressive list of credentials. He not only holds academic qualifications from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford, he was also a very successful lawyer, having been a partner in a reputable International law firm.

During the 2011 General Elections (GE), he won the hearts and minds of Singaporeans not only with his showmanship and public speaking skills, but also his humility. The crowds were convinced by his sincerity and promises to fight for Singaporeans as we truly wanted a “First World Parliament”. His promise went a long way and saw him successfully elected as MP in Aljunied GRC.

However, several years went by and he became quieter. He is rarely seen in Parliament and is hardly seen in WP’s walkabouts and outreach activities. It is disappointing to say that nothing much has been achieved, so much so that he lost a challenge against WP’s Low Thia Khiang for the position of Secretary-General. Sadly, his performance as a MP has fell way short of our expectations.

It is unclear if he holds true to his impressive campaign speeches in the past or if he is still doing anything to make things better for us. Where has he gone to? Does he remember the promises he made to us during the 2011 GE? Can Singaporeans continue to trust him to represent us or has he lost interest in serving us? Why so disappointing one?

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