Singaporeans Must Pay $39 To Read SDP’s Manifesto, Why Need To Pay And Pay?

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The Singapore Democratic Party recently launched its party manifesto, except it costs $39. A manifesto is a document that outlines the party’s suggestions, policies and aims before an election takes place.

SDP’s Secretary-General Chee Soon Juan raved about the hard work his members had put in to come up with the manifesto and promised Singaporeans that SDP will not disappoint. He encouraged people to buy it so that they can know the party’s plans for the upcoming election.

We’re selling it at $39 to commemorate our 39th anniversary this year. Every dollar from the sales will go towards funding our campaign for the coming GE.

The plans have been drawn up and the players ready for action. Now we need the funds to put things into action. All our hard work in the past, all our hopes for the future will be gone if we cannot fund the operations that we have prepared for the big battle ahead.

Manifesto… need to pay one meh? It is funny that they want Singaporeans to pay so that we know if we can vote for them. Why should Singaporeans give them money just to know if they are good enough? As a reputable party, SDP should prove to us that they deserve our support and not the other way round.

Just look at WP, their full manifesto is free for everybody regardless of whatever year’s anniversary. There are really other ways to get funding. SDP, learn from the best ok?

Dear all, we’ve worked long and hard on our Manifesto which we are launching on 28 Sep (Saturday). We’re very proud of…

Posted by Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 on Friday, 20 September 2019


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