States Times Review Founder Vows To Destabilise Our Society, Thinks He Is Already Winning PAP

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States Times Review’s founder Alex Tan may have fled overseas but he is confident of destabilising the PAP from wherever he is.

He was responding to Minister Shanmugam’s speech on curbing foreign interference and argued that he will never publish any “hostile” information about Singapore. He strongly believes that his “factual reporting” alone is enough to shatter the PAP.

Tan said that he is working to get voters angry in the next election so that he can see the PAP fall and destabilise Singapore’s society.

Let me put it bluntly for you: my job is to destabilise the Singapore society through factual reporting and make the PAP lose power in the next election.

The best part? He is certain he is already winning.

It is a propaganda war – me Alex Tan versus the entire PAP. I am winning because I have the people behind me. They know who is the one truly speaking up for Singaporeans and representing the Singaporean interests.

Good on him that he has so much confidence. Are you prepared to see him win?

States Times Review Alex Tan Wants To Destabilise Singapore Society

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