3 Reasons Why Men Who Have Served National Service Are More Attractive to Women

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National Service (NS) is one of the most hated topics in the minds of many able-bodied teenagers due to enlist. While some might feel that it is an obligation to serve and protect their nation, many of them would feel that the two years they will spend wearing green, is a complete waste of their youth. However, things aren’t all that bad, as having spent two years serving the nation might actually make you a better and more attractive man to the opposite sex.

Reason One: You Actually Learn to Grow Some Balls

Being thrown into a new unfamiliar environment, you will learn to adapt and brave new challenges that you never thought you had the guts to – from being able to fire a live weapon, throw a hand grenade, and living out of a hole in the middle of a jungle. These are things the average foreign man (baring those from countries with military conscription) will never get to experience. Women are generally attracted to a real man who has been through some real tough experiences and lived to tell their tale.

Reason Two: You Are Automatically Whipped into Shape

Unbeknownst to many, the training curriculum spanning the entire two-year NS is the culmination of experience gained from training countless batches of NS-men. It is designed to enhance your physical strength and mental endurance so you are able to cope in the event of a war. A man who has gone through this kind of rigorous training will definitely be able to shed some kilos.

Reason Three: You Learn to Handle Difficult Situations

More often than not, during their two-year stint, most NS-men would have to learn to deal with a range of difficult people, from working with your weird section/platoon mates, to hell raising enciks and platoon commanders. Surviving two years of dealing with such difficult people would inevitably raise a person’s emotional quotient (EQ). To a woman finding a potential mate, having a good EQ is seen as one of the more attractive traits that a man can have.

So guys, the next time you want to complain about how tough NS is, think about the benefits it will bring and tahan a bit. Who knows, you may just turn out a better man 😉



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