Kind Man Offering Sales Jobs To PMD Riders So They Can Have A Rice Bowl

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Many PMD riders in Singapore have been up in arms ever since the government banned them from riding on footpaths. Some of them who go about food delivery islandwide are upset because the ban has affected their rice bowl. Suggestions for them to switch to using bicycles were also frowned upon by some.

Amidst the furore, a representative from a company, One Zeus Solutions, has stepped forward to offer job opportunities to affected PMD riders:

I do feel that especially for people who have many mouths to feed at home; or for people who, due to earlier family finances, could not get the education they need to find a proper career in Singapore… that’s why they rely on Grabfood and Deliveroo… And these are the people that I want to spread this opportunity to.

The representative is extending job offers for those who are keen to work for the Sales and Marketing company. One Zeus Solutions is an outsourced company that specialises in direct sales and builds “intrapreneurs” (entrepreneurs who start their own business with lesser capital and an existing business model).

The company is expanding and would love to work with people who are hardworking and “intrinsically motivated”, like PMD riders. Those who want to work hard and are hungry to make a living should consider this opportunity. It can equally serve as their rice bowl and better still, free them from their PMD woes.

Now that there is another option open, let’s see if riders will take it up!


Contact Person: Sebastian Lau of One Zeus Solutions

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