I Am A Food Delivery Rider. I Think It’s Possible For Govt And PMD Riders To Agree With Each Other

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Hi admin, please help to post my story. I am a single father of two and have been working as a food delivery rider using my motorcycle to support my family. I am currently staying together with my daughters and elderly mother-in-law.

Although I am a food delivery rider myself, I am not totally against the ban of PMDs. I want to share my views because I see a lot of tension nowadays. Like I said, I am not totally against the ban as my mother-in-law had a bad encounter with a PMD rider last time and I think without PMDs, it will be more safe for many pedestrians like her.

A few months ago, my 89 year old mother-in-law was walking on the footpath with my younger daughter on their way to the market when a reckless PMD rider knocked into her. She fell down from the huge impact as the rider was speeding. But instead of apologising, the PMD rider made a rude gesture at my mother-in-law and went on his way.

I was very angry when I found out about this from my mother-in-law. Afterwards, I realize that she was lucky to escape with minor bruises because there are worse accidents around. I can’t help but think, what if the PMD rider knocked into my daughter too? She is so young and small, she would have been more seriously injured.

In some ways, I welcome the ban of PMDs on footpaths, as it means that my family will be safe going about their daily activities. It is only an advisory period but I see it is already more quiet and safe in my area. However, I sympathize with those who uses PMDs to do food delivery. They are banned because of other people who don’t bother to use PMDs properly.

I have a close friend who stays nearby and relies on his PMD to support his family. He is still doing delivery at odd hours to avoid LTA “green men”. I understand because I am also a breadwinner. So I told him to change his PMD to a bicycle or motorcycle, at least something that will not get him into trouble but also help him earn money. He refused. He doesn’t want to give up riding PMD because it is convenient and fast.

I tell him. If he continues to do this, he will need to pay $2000 fine or go to jail for a few months after the government stops the advisory period and enforce law for real. I don’t know if he will think it through but I hope he will.

It is bad that the ban is so sudden but I think food delivery riders and the government can take one step back and come to compromise. There are always other transport available to us to continue doing the jobs. If their rice bowl is so important, all the more they should consider other transport and not take the risk of paying fine or going to jail. When that happens, who will feed our family?

I am sure Singaporeans know. We are all working hard to make a humble living. Whatever the challenge it is, we must do our duty as breadwinner, for our family. PMD or no PMD.

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