5 Dos For a Safe and Enjoyable Overseas Road Trip

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The December holidays are nearing, and many young families will soon be abroad enjoying their holidays. With rental cars in foreign countries becoming increasingly accessible, road trips are fast becoming a popular overseas holiday activity for many Singaporeans.

For the uninitiated, a road trip involves a long drive along a planned route, usually with stops or overnight stays along the way. Here at SingaporeInk we have compiled a list of dos to keep your road trip safe and enjoyable.


  • Do plan your trip well ahead, and confirm all accommodation bookings at least a week before your flight. The last thing you want to happen is to have to sleep in the car in a remote part of the country because the hotel is over-booked.
  • Do pay your car rental fees in advance. This will save you a lot of money, as many car rental companies offer good discounts for those who pay upfront when making a rental booking online. This would be a good opportunity to suss out any hidden costs in the car rental agreement.
  • Do research on the telecoms provider in your holiday destination. Why do we recommend doing this? It is always a good idea to get your prepaid SIM card from the provider with the biggest coverage. You don’t want to keep facing connectivity issues when you’re lost and need help.
  • Do have spare cash for emergencies. If you experience an unexpected breakdown and have to get some repairs done, workshops in remote countrysides might not accept credit card payments.
  • Do have a backup driver. Most Singaporeans are not used to driving long hours or distances (being stuck in traffic jams don’t count as a long drive). It is a good idea to have someone take over the wheel when you’re tired. In most country roads, the speed limit can be as high as 110 km/hr, and have winding corners. It is definitely not a good idea to be driving 6-7 hours at a stretch.

These are just some tips from our team at SingaporeInk. We do hope you will enjoy yourselves, and most importantly be safe.

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