Debt Collection Agency Stepped in to Help Woman Who Became Suicidal After Being Owed Over $16k

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A kind hearted woman who repeatedly lent money to people desperately needing financial help ended up nearly taking her own life as these people defaulted on payment and became uncontactable.

In 2013, 55-year old Mdm Tan rented out one of the bedrooms in her 5 room HDB flat. The tenants were a young couple and their son. Not long after moving in, the male tenant claimed that he could not afford to pay rent as he was unable to find a job. Mdm Tan agreed to defer the rent payment. However, the tenants moved out of her house suddenly and became uncontactable after owing her more than a year’s rent amounting to over $13,000.

In 2017, Mdm Tan’s husband passed away from a heart attack. Mdm Tan was forced to downsize to a 3 room HDB flat in order to pay for the husband’s debts.

Mdm Tan later engaged two debt collection agencies to recover debts owed to her. However, these debt collection agencies were unsuccessful in their attempts. Despite that, one staff member from one of the debt collection agencies contacted her one day to ask for a loan as his child was hospitalised for asthma. The kind hearted Mdm Tan decided to lend him $3000, which the staff member promised to return. However, the staff member became uncontactable when it was time to repay the debt.

Mdm Tan later contacted a third debt collection agency telling them about her plight. After hearing Mdm Tan’s story and that she wanted to take her own life, staff members from the third debt collection agency came down to console Mdm Tan.

The third debt collection agency not only offered to collect Mdm Tan’s debts for free, and even gave her $500 so that she can have a good Chinese New Year.

The staff member from the second debt collection agency who owed Mdm Tan $3000, has since returned her the money.

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