Man Repaired PMD for Neighbour But Got Beaten Up Afterwards, Hospitalised With Broken Ribs

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A man decided to beat up his neighbour after the latter charged him an exorbitant fee for a shoddy repair of his PMD.

The incident, which happened last year, involved 45-year-old Zaini Bin Ibrahim, who is being charged for intentionally causing grievous hurt to a 47-year-old Mansor Bin Yahya.

Both Zaini and Mansor had been friendly neighbours for 5 years in their Boon Lay Way HDB. Zaini was aware that Mansor provided PMD repair services at his home and decided to bring his device to him. However, after the repair, he said that the workmanship was bad and too expensive. The two got into an argument which escalated into a fight.

Zaini threw punches and repeatedly stomped at Mansor. The man ended up with serious injuries which included two broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He had to rely on a breathing pipe. Mansor was hospitalized for 18 days and has been unable to do any heavy lifting since.

Despite injuring his neighbour, Zaini did not apologise to Mansor or his family. It was Zaini’s father who personally apologized to them for his son’s behaviour. While Mansor has forgiven Zaini, he will never forget the incident as it has adversely affected his family.

Zaini pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt. The judge also took into consideration one other charge of criminal intimidation and sentenced him to 9 months’ jail.

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