Newly Married Couple in South Africa for Honeymoon Gets Robbed in Broad Daylight

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A newly married couple happily went on a 12 day honeymoon in South Africa, but was robbed in broad daylight of over $1000 in cash and valuables on their first day.

Mr and Mrs Lee (both 31-year-old) went for their 12 day honeymoon at Capetown, South Africa at the end of last year. They had chosen South Africa as their honeymoon destination as they wanted to see wild animals in the safari parks, and enjoy the natural environment the country has to offer. In order to better enjoy the local scenery, Mr and Mrs Lee decided to embark on a self-driving road trip.

However, the young couple were robbed of their belongings on their first day. After checking-in to their hotel, they decided to take a stroll to a nearby tourist area called Bo-Kaap. While taking a leisurely stroll to Bo-Kaap, the couple were approached by a man who started making casual conversation with Mr Lee. While Mr Lee was distracted, the man unbuckled Mr Lee’s sling bag containing their valuables, and fled with it.

Before Mr and Mrs Lee could regain their composure, a lady claiming to be from the local tourism board suddenly appeared, and offered to help recover their belongings. The lady made a phone call in front of the couple, and within 15mins, a man appeared with some of the couple’s belongings, including their passports, and rental car keys. The lady later took the couple to a local police station to make a report.

According to the locals, many of them got to know about Singapore through the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”. The couple guessed that this might have given the locals the wrong impression that all Singaporeans were rich and wealthy, making them prime targets for robbers.

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