Singaporean Under Quarantine Describes Her 14-Day “Holiday”

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A Singaporean woman who was evacuated from Wuhan shared how it was like to be quarantined for 14 days. She was among 174 others evacuated from Wuhan over the past weekend.

Miss Chen spends most of her time watching drama series, reading, doing yoga, and even meditating. She finds the individual quarantine units quite spacious as they span about 40 square metres.

Of course, there are rules to observe: Those under quarantine can only move around their own units and are not allowed to open the windows. They are not allowed to smoke or meet other people under quarantine.

However, Miss Chen has been making the most of the “unique experience” and trying to look at the bright side of life. She said that the meals provided were nice and they could choose from a list of options what they wanted to eat everyday.

While it may be a drastic change from her usually hectic work schedule, she takes a positive outlook and sees her quarantine as a chance to clear her thoughts. It may not be easy but with such a healthy mindset, she will hopefully recover in no time!

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