Over 200 Shops Resort to Shortening Operating Hours to Reduce Losses

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Ever since the DORSCON level was raised to orange, many Singaporeans have been staying home most of the time. The streets are also visibly less crowded due to the 30% drop in tourist numbers. Many people are either banned from coming here or have cancelled their holiday plans for fear of their own safety.

One of the hardest-hit are retailers in Singapore who have to resort to shortening their operating hours in order to reduce their losses.

From 12th Feb onwards, Tangs Orchard will operate from 11.30am to 8.30pm daily until further notice. Tangs VivoCity’s operating hours remains unchanged.

OG department store will close 1 hour earlier from 7th Feb, thus operating from 11am to 830pm. This applies to all three OG outlets: Orchard Point, Albert Complex, and People’s Park.

Metro will maintain their usual hours but will continue to monitor the situation and react accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is uncertain how long this will last. The Novel Coronavirus (now known as COVID-19) has greatly affected not just retailers but everyone in Singapore. We may have taken a hit but we should go about our lives as per normal. As long as Singaporeans observe good personal hygiene, life goes on.

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