Think Logically, Act Sensibly – MOH’s Chief Medical Officer Says There’s No Need to Hoard Masks, Better to Wash Your Hands and Clean Your Handphone

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Recently, an letter signed off by four doctors warning the public that the safest way to prevent an infection is to wear a mask and avoid going outdoors has made its way round the internet.

MOH has since responded to the letter. While Director of Medical Services Associate Professor Kenneth Mak recognises the good intentions behind the letter, he says that the COVID-19 virus is spread primarily through water vapour and contact with contaminated surfaces. He points out that there has not been any conclusive proof that the virus is airborne.

As such, Professor Mak recommends that the best way to prevent getting infected is frequently washing your hands , and be mindful of the surfaces you touch. In addition, Professor Mak reminded the public that the mobile phone should be frequently cleaned as it is one of the most used items in our daily lives.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, one must be level-headed and think logically to avoid becoming overly paranoid.

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