Man Who Set Fire at Towner Rd Seems Mentally Unstable, Gave Death Threats and Wanted To Restore the World

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hi admin u can choose whether to post my story. i noe the man who set fire at boon keng last nite and i wan to ask people stop scolding him. he is depressed very long and mentally unstable.. maybe he cannot help it.

i noe what he do is wrong but he already arrested by police. he no choice must face punishment so pls dun scold him already.. he cannot control if he is mentally unstable.. if he is normal i noe he wun do this kind of thing.

now is difficult time for his family.. everyone pls stop scolding and give them space.. they will appreciate.

The above is a contribution from someone who personally knew Sivaprakash – the man who set fire outside a police post at Towner Rd yesterday. According to the Police, Sivaprakash is very disgruntled about the society and will be sent for psychiatric assessment.

Online, there is a Facebook profile that could very well be his. The wall is filled with irrational and angry posts, which shows that he may have been having issues for some time.

Here is a post of “Siva” saying that Singapore is a country with many “barbaric acts”. He said that he will “execute The Law Minister Of Singapore” and “restore the world”.

He repeatedly wished death on Singaporean ministers:

He thinks that the authorities did not do anything to him because he hangs around with gangs and is a “warrior”.

For some reason, he thinks that COVID-19 is no big deal and blamed ministers for not using the time to address depression instead. He demanded them to talk to him via live telecast for everyone to see.

He does sound angry, illogical and unstable but let’s leave the investigations to the relevant authorities. It is fortunate that no one was injured from the fire.

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