Malaysian Doctor Shares Her Experience Fighting Covid-19, Sorry for Making Her Family Worried

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Here is what it’s like to be a doctor in Malaysia now. Facebook user Boonsiew Ooi recently posted about her neverending experience of having to deal with the increasing COVID-19 cases in Malaysia.

She was supposed to be on a honeymoon in Europe but had to cancel it so that she can serve at the frontline. She said that things were better last month but are now taking a turn for the worse.

[T]his time, I can sense the tension, stress and overall nervousness in the air. There are no longer smiles on the faces of the medical staffs.

Things are so hectic nurses and doctors refrain from going to the toilet as that would mean having to remove their Personal Protective Equipment.

The number of confirmed cases is increasing day by day. We are constantly suffocating and sweating in our PPE, plus the hot weather, we can barely breathe. Not to mention, sometimes we even put on hold our wishes to go to the toilet, because once you remove the PPE, you have to discard it. And due to the limited resources, we cherish each set of PPE. So once we have donned the PPE, we will be wearing it for a few hours so that we do not waste our protective layers.

Dr Ooi never knew that taking a shower at the end of the day could be such a rewarding experience that she had always taken for granted.

My most anticipated moment of the day is to remove my PPE, to shower all the sweat away and to be able to take a long breath of fresh air. I’m suddenly overwhelmed and a tad bit emotional. Thinking of how something so simple and often taken for granted for, today has become a luxury to me.

Dr Ooi understands the importance of her work especially in a time like this and feels sorry for making her family worry. She tries to assure them of her safety whenever she can but has to hang up on them sometimes when she gets referral calls from hospitals.

It may be a long fight but she is thankful that people are working together and believes they can keep the virus under control.

We, the frontliners work through out the nights, fortunately, I have a bunch of familiar faces, my good friends, colleagues and staff nurses fighting beside me. No matter how long and busy those nights are.

I rarely share career related posts on my Facebook, but this time I am making an exception.

The number of confirmed cases is on the rise and that is a fact.

However, I do believe that we have the ability to keep the spread under control if we work together. So, we have to work together and we are going to work together to stop the third wave from happening.

I have done my part, how about you?

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Posted by Boonsiew Ooi on Thursday, 19 March 2020

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