Singaporean Man Seeking Help to Get His Baby Back From Malaysia

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A Singapore citizen has been finding it difficult to get his baby back from Malaysia ever since the country declared a 2-week lockdown. Both he and his Malaysian wife are currently in Singapore while their 12-month-old baby is in Johor, under the care of his grandmother.

The baby is a Singapore citizen.

Situation is our baby Social visit chop is expiring this month on 29th. Long term pass already applied 2 months ago. Immigration said need 4 to 6 months for Approval so not yet get.

The Singaporean father said that he cannot travel into Malaysia to get his baby out. His Malaysian wife may be able to enter her home country but things are not that simple as she is pregnant and will not be able to return to Singapore.

There are also roadblocks everywhere.

Both the parents have tried calling many agencies for help but to no avail. They resorted to asking for help online as they are desperate to get their baby back and have their whole family together.

I call singapore embassy in city square not open.

I call setia tropika i cannot get thru for so many days.

I call malaysia high comms in singapore they said call msia immigration.

We are lost. We are always back in msia every weekend for the past 12 months. Our only family to take care of baby is in johor.

Any suggestion on what we should do is deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

What should they do?


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