Many Singaporean Students Studying in Australia Do Not Wish to Return to Singapore

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Since 17th March, the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has been encouraging overseas Singaporean students to return to Singapore. However, many Singaporeans studying in Australia have chosen to remain behind to complete their studies.

According to a Facebook poll, over 100 Singaporean students have expressed their intention of staying behind to complete their studies, while only 60 are either considering or have already decided to return to Singapore.

Miss Liu (23-years-old) who is currently a fourth year biology student at the Monash University, said that she has chosen to remain behind to complete her research project as she is worried that she might not be able to graduate in time if she returned to Singapore.

Miss Ng (20-years-old) a 3rd year liberal arts student at The University of Melbourne, decided to stay behind in Australia to continue her studies as she is unsure when the ban on non-residents entering Australia would be lifted if she were to return to Singapore.

Miss Ng also added that she is not worried about the lock-down in Australia, as essential services and businesses (E.g. supermarkets and pharmacies) are still in operation, and she would have no problems buying food and daily necessities.

Studying overseas usually involves significant costs in tuition fees and living expenses. As such, it is understandable why many Singaporeans studying overseas would choose not to delay the completion of their studies. Whichever decision that these overseas Singaporean students choose, we support them, and pray for their safety.

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