Elderly Man on Bus Refuses to Wear Mask, Sits on Bus Floor in Protest

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Yesterday (16 April), a video of an elderly man not properly wearing a mask while onboard a public bus was being circulated on social media.

In the video, the elderly man could be seen having his surgical mask pulled down to his chin before he removed it completely. He was also not observing social distancing by sitting next to another passenger.

The bus driver who spotted this, tried to persuade the elderly man to mask up and sit in the empty row at the back of the bus. However, the elderly man became unhappy about this, and decided to sit on the floor of the bus in protest. The elderly man even challenged the bus driver to call for the police.

However, the patient bus driver did not appear to be agitated, but asked a female passenger sitting nearby to move to the front of the bus, so that the elderly man may take her seat.

The patience and good attitude of the bus driver has won praises by many netizens. Some complimented the bus driver for handling the situation well.

The requirement for a mask to be worn when outdoors, and the need to observe social distancing are designed to minimize the transmission of the COVID 19 virus in our community. By failing to observe both rules, the elderly man has not only endangered the other passengers onboard the bus, but also jeopardized the safety of others in the community.

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