Man Distributes Masks For Free so that Those who Forgot theirs can Escape Public Shaming

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A Singaporean who got fed up with people shaming covidiots online has taken the initiative to give out free masks instead. The young man, along with his sibling, prepared packets of surgical masks and placed them at lift lobbies across 7 HDB blocks.

After seeing videos of bullying and public shaming for not wearing mask, I just came up with this small idea, why not just place few masks at the lift lobby, and whenever someone needs it can use it, or pass to someone in need.

He said that people should not jump to conclusions when they see someone not wearing a mask. He or she could have forgotten to bring one. Some senior citizens may have misplaced theirs and have not had the luxury of getting new ones.

He knows that some will take advantage of the free masks but said that he is happy be able to contribute what he can.

My sister was helping me out to put those stuff up. While walking, she told me: Bro, our neighbours are not going to appreciate this. I just told her, do you think I’m not aware of this… Do you think I wouldn’t have thought about all this?

Whether this idea works or not it doesn’t matter. I clearly know someone is going to destroy it; someone is going to take all, be greedy, selfish. They may not replenish it. At the same time there will be handful of them going to appreciate and keep the ball rolling. But the most important thing here is, I am happy to do this, and I think this is my duty to serve humanity during this hard time.

With people like him, COVID-19 could be quite bearable for everyone.

Hi friends, this gonna be real real long, I really hate to do this, doing service and loading up to social media, all…

Posted by Ganeash Bakavathi on Tuesday, 21 April 2020

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