Former SingFirst Chief Tan Jee Say Wants to Join SDP at the Last Minute

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Former SingFirst party chief Tan Jee Say may have dissolved his party but he still wants to contest in the General Election. In a last minute bid, he expressed intentions to join the Singapore Democratic Party.

He announced on Facebook that he has “initiated contact” with Chee.

His reasons for rejoining SDP was because he sees it as a strong opposition party that champions what he wants for Singapore.

“SDP is a great party with dynamic leadership. Over the years, I have seen the SDP grow from strength to strength. Its alternative voice is what Singaporeans need. It will be my pleasure to work with them again for the people”.

Tan was in the SDP for a few months in 2011, where he contested and lost in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. He subsequently left to run in the Presidential Election.

What should Singaporeans expect from a politician who joins a party on a whim? Will SDP honour his last minute decision?

Singapore needs a strong opposition to check the government and provide an alternative voice for the people. In this…

Posted by Tan Jee Say on Sunday, 28 June 2020

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