Woman Gives Fantastic Response to Neighbour who Complained about her Baby

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A woman gave the most sarcastic reply to a neighbour who complained about her baby’s cries. Earlier, the neighbour had left a note to tell her that her baby is making too much noise and disturbing her work.

However, the neighbour is not the only one working from home. In fact, many people are, and it would not hurt to be a bit more tolerant and understanding towards our neighbours.

In a typewritten response, the mother of the 5-month-old baby said that her family is also working from home amidst all the crying. She understands that it can get very noisy sometimes but she does not have any “magic” to stop her baby from crying or make her grow up faster.

The best part was when she said that she had given her baby a stern warning.

I can’t control when she want to cry whether it’s day or night.

But rest assured, we have gave her a stern warning on the day we receive your feedback. I’m not sure if she quite understood it, but she did look serious after hearing it and gave a pity sad look.

She also implied that the neighbour was partly responsible for making her baby cry more.

I would appreciate you not to come over to shout or scold my helper as your behaviour have scared her and my baby. When baby are in shocked or scared, they tend to cry even more.

She sarcastically explained why she cannot keep her door and windows shut all the time due to the weather and need for ventilation. She suggested for her neighbour to close her own door instead or put on headphones. If that does not solve the problem, the neighbour is free to escalate it to the authorities.

Way to go. It is unfortunate to have to work with the noise but the neighbour should have been more understanding. Then again, maybe she will only understand if she eventually has a child of her own?

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