Abused Puppy Found Abandoned Outside Family’s Front Door Sent to Vet for Emergency Treatment

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Last Saturday (25th Jul), founder of HOPE Dog Rescue Fiona Foo saw a Facebook post from her friend Fabian Ang, which mentioned that he found an abandoned puppy outside his home at Block 195A Punggol Field.

It was around 11.30pm at night when Fiona rushed down to meet Fabian at his home. By then the puppy looked weak and was having difficulties breathing. The puppy was immediately sent for emergency treatment at a 24 hour animal hospital.

The puppy was found to have overgrown claws and was unable to walk, had barely 20% of vision left in its eyes, and had a 15cm long scar on its body. The puppy was discharged three days later, and is in a stable condition.

Fiona says that she has received emails from over 50 people who expressed their interest in adopting the puppy. However, Fiona says that the puppy is still in a weak condition, and that she will only consider putting the puppy up for adoption after its condition improves.

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