Lee Suet Fern Has Lunch with Human Rights Warrior M Ravi, Gifted Him with Handmade Masks

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M Ravi is a notable Singaporean lawyer best known for being a champion of human rights. In particular, M Ravi has been often involved in high profile court cases related to the legalization of sexual intercourse between consenting adult males, as well as cases where he defended drug traffickers against the death penalty.

M Ravi was once famously quoted for calling the 377A an “absurd” and “arbitrary” law as he defended LGBT activist Roy Tan on 18th Nov 2019 in court in his challenge against Section 377A.

Apart from his passion in human rights, M Ravi is also quite the fighter. In 2018, M Ravi narrowly avoided jail time when he was ordered to undergo a 18-month mandatory treatment order for assaulting fellow lawyer Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss in August 2017.

Just a few days ago (11th Sep), M Ravi updated on his Facebook that he had lunch with Lee Suet Fern, the wife of PSP member Lee Hsien Yang.

In the post, M Ravi mentioned that he had received rather gorgeous looking masks handmade by Lee Suet Fern herself. M Ravi also praised her for being a kind soul, and called her a great friend.

While we were surprised that the two are now great friends, we are just glad that Lee Suet Fern made it out of the lunch relatively unscathed.

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