Business Owners in Grandlink Square Complain of Beauty Salons Offering “Special Services” Which Affected their Businesses

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The presence of many so called beauty salons which were actually providing illegal sexual services to male customers, had badly affected the businesses of other shops in a shopping mall.

Yesterday, the police conducted a anti-vice raid at Grandlink Square located along Guillemard Road and arrested a 40-year-old woman, and confiscated 6 massage beds.

According to a 60-year-old hair salon owner in the shopping mall, many women in thick make-up and short skirts could be seen loitering outside several shops. She added that whenever a male customer walked by, these women would beckon them to enter for a good massage.

One 30-year-old nail salon owner told reporters that the presence of these “special service” beauty salons had tarnished the image of the shopping mall. She added that a male customer had apparently entered her salon asking if she provided “special services”.

Another 60-year-old beauty salon owner said that she stopped providing massage services, as a male customer had tried feeling her up during a facial session.

The police confirmed that a 40-year-old woman had been arrested yesterday (16th Sep) at around 2.50pm during a anti-vice raid in Grandlink Square. Police investigations are ongoing.

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