Patrons at Bedok Coffee Shop Make Quick Escape as Floor Tiles Start “Exploding”

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During the crowded lunch hour, the floor tiles of a coffee shop located at Bedok North suddenly started cracking and popping out from the ground. This caused much panic and confusion, as around 40 of the coffee shop’s patrons made their escape.

This incident happened last Sunday (27th Sep) at around 1.30pm, at the coffee shop located at Block 416 Bedok North Street 2.

Speaking to reporters, 48-year-old Mr Loh (owner of the coffee shop) said he had started to notice some cracks forming on the floor tiles shortly before the incident, and had asked his staff to help evacuate the customers.

According to Mr Loh, he had taken ownership of the coffeeshop about three years ago, and continued to use the existing floor tiles. He believes that the floor tiles were about 7 years old at the time of the incident.

Mr Loh added that his coffeeshop will be closed for two days for renovation, and will resume normal business from 3rd Oct.

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