72-year-old Uncle Purposely Dumps Rubbish Outside Neighbour’s Door, Challenges Neighbour to Beat Him Up

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An elderly man in his 70s got into a dispute with his neighbour for allegedly dumping rubbish outside his home. This incident happened last Monday (21st Sep) at around 12pm at Block 2 Jalan Kukoh.

According to 30-year-old Andy who lives at the third floor of the block, he returned home that day to find a bag of rubbish outside his front door.

Footage from the CCTV installed outside Andy’s home, show that the elderly man from the fourth floor had purposely dumped the bag of rubbish outside his home.

When Andy confronted the elderly man at his home, and told him that he had CCTV footage of him dumping the rubbish, the elderly man denied ever doing so. This made Andy so angry that he made a police report.

Another resident of the block who spoke to reporters, said she once caught the elderly man dumping rubbish outside her front door, and told him not to do it. The old man got angry and challenged her to beat him up.

The police confirmed that they have received a report of a case of intentional harassment on 21st Sep. The police have advised both parties to resolve the matter themselves through legal means.

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