15 Youngsters Flaunt Expensive Dinner and Alcohol in Hotel Suite Gathering Online

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15 youngsters gathered in a hotel suite and ordered steamboat delivery for dinner, and even took videos and photos of their dinner gathering and uploaded it online.

This incident happened on Saturday (10th Oct) evening in a hotel suite located in Sentosa.

A member of the public who wishes to remain anonymous commented that not only have these youngsters flouted the safe distancing rules, they have no regard for the consequences and even posted photos and videos of their gathering online to show off.

These youngsters also appear to enjoy flaunting their wealth. One of the photos apparently showed 15 glasses of expensive Hibiki Japanese whisky.

Some netters have expressed concern that these reckless youngsters will endanger the lives of others by intentionally flouting the rules.

The hotel in question has yet to comment on this incident when contacted.

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