Excelsior Shopping Centre Full Of Shops Providing Illegal Sexual Services, Elderly Man Spotted Visiting Nail Salon for Special Services

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According to members of the public, the Excelsior Shopping Centre has become a hotbed of illegal vice activities, with many beauty salons and nail shops providing sexual services to men.

Speaking to reporters, a business owner in the Excelsior Shopping Centre said that many massage shops and beauty salons starting appearing at the second and third levels of the shopping centre. Many of these shops were operated by scantily dressed women who sit near the entrance of the shop.

One of these shops is a nail salon which purportedly provides “massage services”, but suspiciously has mostly young and middle aged men as customers.

Reporters staking out nearby saw at least 4 men visiting the nail salon, including an elderly man. Reporters observed that once a customer comes into the nail salon, one of the beauticians will close the shop and bring the male customer to the back of the shop to be serviced, while the other beautician will stand watch at the shop’s front counter.

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