Domestic Helper Turns into Man’s Lover, Girlfriend Later Finds Out that they had a Love Child Together

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A 25-year-old Indonesian domestic helper hired by a busy couple to take care of their daughter, ends up becoming the man’s new lover.

The couple who moved to Singapore from China over 10 years ago are not married but stays together, and has a daughter.

In 2017, they hired an Indonesian domestic helper to take care of their daughter.

About two years after hiring the domestic helper, the woman started noticing that her boyfriend was unusually nice to the domestic helper, driving her and his daughter to school, before returning to drop off the domestic helper at home. On one occasion, the daughter even said that her father had hugged the domestic helper at home.

This made the woman so jealous and angry that she decided to send the domestic helper back to her country before her contract was up.

To the woman’s horror, she discovered that her husband had secretly arranged for the domestic helper to stay in Singapore, and that the domestic helper had bore him a child.

The domestic helper’s Facebook account were full of photos flaunting the gifts she received from the woman’s boyfriend, as well as photos of their holiday in Bali.

While the woman made a police report against the domestic helper, they were unable to take any action as the domestic helper had a valid work visa. The police referred the woman to the Manpower Ministry.

The man and the domestic helper is currently being investigated by the Manpower Ministry under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

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