Lee Suet Fern Says Supreme Court Case Shouldn’t have been Initiated

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Lee Suet Fern has been suspended for 15 months following her misconduct in handling Lee Kuan Yew’s last will. While she was quick to express her disagreement with the court ruling, her rebuttal appears weak for a lawyer with 37 years of experience.

LSF spoke out against the ruling in a Facebook post on Lee Hsien Yang’s wall. She rebutted that there was no proof LKY was of unsound mind at the time or that the will was procured by fraud or undue influence. She added that anyone can revoke their own will whilst alive.

For a lawyer with 37 years of experience, she may have overlooked the main points of the final court ruling, i.e. her conflict of interest (drafting the will despite knowing that her husband was a beneficiary), and her attempts to keep LKY’s lawyer uninformed of the events.

  • Conflict of interest: LSF had divided loyalties between her husband, LHY, who was a significant beneficiary of the will, and LKY, whom she regarded as her client. She managed every aspect of the will’s drafting and failed to advise LKY to seek legal counsel from a third party to avoid a conflict of interest.
  • Attempt at deceit: LKY had written seven wills, the first six of which were prepared by his lawyer, Kwa Kim Li (KKL). LSF  excluded KKL from the execution of the last will and did not inform her about the events that had transpired. As KKL was the only person who can check LSF’s representations, her representation of LKY’s final will is unverified. According to the judgment, LKY “ended up signing a document which was in fact not that which he had indicated he wished to sign”.

But in LSF’s eyes, “[t]his was a private will. Lee Kuan Yew knew what he wanted. He got what he wanted”. Did he really?

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