Glass Cup Explodes on Woman’s Face as She was Drinking Her Teh Tarik in Eunos Food Court

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Last Thursday (19th Nov), Mdm Foo (40-years-old) was drinking her teh tarik at a food court in Eunos, when her glass cup suddenly exploded in her hand.

Some of the exploded glass fragments had hit her face, mouth and arms, while the teh tarik had spilled on her laptop, causing it to stop working.

The manager of the food court Ah Hai (32-years-old) has since apologized to Mdm Foo, and has offered to treat her to a meal the next time she visits. Regarding Mdm Foo’s damaged laptop, Ah Hai said that he will have to wait for the repair bill before coming up with a compensation amount.

Ah Hai has also contacted the supplier of the glass cups regarding the matter. 

Speaking to reporters, the supplier of the glass cups Mr Tan said that this was not the first time the glass cup has exploded after filling it with hot beverages. He is currently in talks with the manufacturer of the glass cups to replace all his existing stock.

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