Stomper Mistaken Dried Cuttlefish for Cockroach Legs and Lodges Complaint, Hawker Stall Owner Closes Down Stall After Accused of Being Unhygienic

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A few days ago, a Stomper submitted a story of how he found a dead cockroach inside a takeaway bowl of noodle soup he had ordered from a stall at Yishun Street 11 via an online food delivery service.

He said that he had taken 5 to 6 mouthfuls of noodles before noticing the cockroach legs inside his soup, which made him rush to the toilet to vomit his food. He immediately notified the food delivery service platform of this.

Reporters who spoke with the stall owner over the phone understands that the noodle soup base was cooked using dried cuttlefish, which the customer could have mistaken as cockroach legs.

The stall owner said that the incident has made her lose interest in running her business, and she has since ended the rental lease of her stall and closed down her business for good.

Reporters were unable to reach the Stomper for comments as he refused to be interviewed.

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