Jolovan Wham is Heir Apparent to Multi-Million Dollar Family Business Empire

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Singaporean activist Jolovan Wham made the news headlines a few days ago after he was convicted of organising an illegal protest on MRT trains in 2017

However, instead of paying the $8,000 fine, Jolovan Wham has chosen to go to jail for 22 days in lieu of the fine. This is rather puzzling, as Jolovan Wham apparently comes from a very wealthy family.

Jolovan Wham is none other than the son of Singaporean multi-millionaire businessman Johnny Wham, who built one of Singapore’s most successful jewelry retailing business Goldheart Jewelry in the 70s. Johnny Wham is now the CEO of Platim Holdings Pte Ltd which owns Platim Jewelry, a retail jewelry business operating at Orchard Towers.

In addition to owning a jewelry business, Johnny Wham is also the owner of Jamboree Bar and Cafe, a high-end bar catering to the local expat community, which is also based in Orchard Towers.

Being the heir to a multi-million dollar business empire, it is perplexing why Jolovan would save on $8,000. Perhaps, serving jail time gives him something which he perceives to be far more valuable than money. Going to jail would make it look like he sacrificed himself and attract the attention of foreign media, which is what he craves for.

A word of advice to Jolovan Wham, Daddy could have actually paid for the foreign media to come cover your stunts, no need to “wayang” in jail for 22 days and waste tax payer’s money.

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