Drink Stall Lady at Pioneer Coffeeshop Accused of Chasing Away Customers Who Did not Order Any Drinks

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A drink stall lady is accused of chasing away customers at a coffeeshop located in the Pioneer Junction building, who did not order any drinks, purportedly telling them that they are not to take up any seats if they did not order any drinks.

Speaking to reporters, a food stall helper said that the drinks stall lady was only thinking for the coffeeshop’s business, but added that her tone and attitude could be better.

A 44-year-old engineer who patronised the coffeeshop 2-3 times a week, said that he ever saw the drinks stall lady scolding the workers and shouting at them, telling them to leave if they did not order any drinks. He said that most of the workers would just get up and leave without arguing with the drinks stall lady.

However, the coffeeshop manager clarified that the drinks stall lady was only chasing away workers who brought their own packed lunch and did not buy any food or drinks from the coffeeshop. The manager also said that the drinks stall lady had already reminded these workers repeatedly, but was often ignored.

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