Food Delivery Rider Apologised 27 times in 2 mins to Man Who Threatened to Call Police on Him

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A man was apparently so angered by a food delivery rider who rode his bicycle on the pedestrian walkway, that he threatened to call the police, the food delivery rider was so afraid that he apologised profusely, in fact 27 times over 2mins.

On 26th April, a 2 min long video was uploaded onto Singapore Road Vigilante (SGRV) Facebook, which showed a food delivery rider cycling along the pedestrian walkway in Marine Parade. The man taking the video could be seen scolding and shouting at the food delivery rider, before walking up to him, and threatening to call the police on him for endangering him and other pedestrians.

Throughout the video, the frightened food delivery rider could be seen repeatedly apologising to the man taking the video. Netters who watched the entire 2min 16 sec video, counted a total of 27 “Sorry”s from the food delivery rider.

Some netters feel that the man should be forgiving, and not destroy the food delivery rider’s rice bowl, adding that the police would have certainly confiscated his bicycle.

However, there were some who felt that the video was a good warning to food delivery riders not to ride recklessly along the pedestrian path.

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