Condo Owner Refuses to Pay Money Owed for Shoddy Renovation Works, Renovation Firm Boss Threatened to Smash Up Her Tiles

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A condo owner spent over $10,000 on renovations, only to end up with “coffeeshop” standards of workmanship.

In February this year, Miss Ho (43-years-old) was quoted $11,500 for renovation works on her LakeShore Condominium unit by a interior renovation firm recommended by her friend. She was also told that the renovations would be completed within a month.

After the works were completed, Miss Ho discovered many defects in their workmanship. Miss Ho said that the living room tiles were of uneven height, and had huge gaps in-between. She added that the bathroom tiles were also uneven, resulting in unwanted pools of water. What angered her the most, was when she discovered unpainted sections of the wall after moving her cabinets.

Speaking to reporters, the owner of the interior renovation firm Mr Teo, said that he has settled this matter amicably with Miss Ho, offering her a $1500 discount as compensation for the shoddy workmanship. However, Miss Ho is now also refusing to pay the remaining sum of $2000 for the renovation works.

Miss Ho said that Mr Teo has threatened to smash up the tiles in her home, if she refuses to pay the remaining sum of $2000. To this, Mr Teo responded that he only said those things in a moment of anger, and will never do such a thing.

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