Teenager Steals Mother’s Gold Jewelry and Sells Them to Buy E-Scooter

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A 18-year-old teenager claims that his mother did not give him any pocket money, and he was forced to steal his mother’s jewelry to sell for money. A total of $16,000 worth of gold jewelry was stolen by the teenager, before his mother reported him to the police.

The teenager now faces 9 charges, including theft and dishonest misappropriation of property.

It was gathered that the teenager’s 40-year-old mother had kept her gold jewelry in a box and locked it up in her master bedroom wardrobe. According to the teenager’s mother, he had stolen her gold jewelry on three occasions, in June, October and November of last year, when she was not at home.

On one occasion, the teenager had reportedly sold one of his mother’s $8000 916k gold necklace for $800 at a pawn shop, and used part of the proceeds to buy a $400 e-scooter.

According to the teenager’s mother, the theft of the jewelry only came to light after she made a police report.

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