Housewife Installs 24-hr CCTV Outside Home to Catch Men Visiting Prostitute in her Condo

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A housewife who suspected that her neighbour had rented out his home to a prostitute decided to take matters into her own hands to deter “customers” from visiting.

Speaking to reporters, 64-year-old Madam Lee who lives in a condominium along Thomson road, said that many units in her estate had been rented out to suspected prostitutes for illegal sex work, turning her estate into a “prostitute nest”.

In order to deter these “customers” from visiting, Madam Lee placed a note outside her door stating that a 24-hr CCTV was in operation, and would print out images of the male “customers” visiting the suspected prostitute, and paste them outside her door.

Madam Lee added that the particular unit was very suspicious, as it can have up to 10 different male customers a day. Some of whom had even accidentally rang her door bell, after mistaking her unit number to be that of the suspected prostitute.

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