Vietnamese Woman Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Entertaining Patrons at KTVs in Sim Lim Square and Peace Centre

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A Vietnamese woman had visited both Sim Lim Square and Peace Centre on Monday (12th July), before she tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday (15th July).

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous revealed that this Vietnamese woman was out entertaining patrons at the KTVs in Sim Lim Square and Peace Centre, before she was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday.

It was gathered that the Vietnamese woman was initially “accompanying” some patrons at a KTV lounge at Sim Lim Square, but left because she felt the “business” was not good. The Vietnamese woman later headed to another KTV lounge at Peace Centre, and “entertained” the patrons there until 10pm.

The anonymous reader said that he received a SMS notification from MOH informing him that he had been exposed to a confirmed case. The reader then got to know that the Vietnamese woman that had mingling in the two KTV lounges had tested positive for COVID-19 and had been admitted for treatment.

The reader added that he knows the Vietnamese woman, having met her a few times before. The reader added that it was common practice for these KTV hostesses to delete all their messages and contacts once they have been tested positive for COVID, in order to avoid being investigated for vice activities.

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