Woman Caught on CCTV Stealing Delivery Items From Front Gate of Landed House Resident

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We sometimes complain about missing parcel or deliveries, and wonder where and how could the items go missing. Recently, a landed home owner shared how his delivered items were stolen right from his front gate in broad day light.

David Loh K C shared a video on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, showing a woman who just casually walked to his front gate, and helped herself to the delivered items hanging on the gate.

What’s more infuriating was that the woman could be seen inspecting the bag of items (maybe to see what freebies she got) before she casually walked off.

Such cases are becoming increasingly common, with one such incident in May 2021, where a woman armed herself with a trolley and went round the neighbourhood in Luxus Hill and helped herself to free delivery parcels left at the front gate of the unattended homes.

While some netizens have told David to make a police report against the thief, David remains hesitant. There were some netizens who told David that he should just let this go, if the stolen items were not too valuable or was food, as the person who stole them could be facing financial hardship herself.

What is your view? Should the woman be let off?

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