New Citizen From India Complains About Chinese Privilege in Singapore, Wants Racist Chinese to be Prosecuted by Law

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People are mostly motivated to migrate to another country for better living conditions, prospects, and education. Those who do are normally respectful of their new found home country, and work to assimilate into the community.

However, a new Singapore citizen from India decided to take to social media to express her unhappiness with how Chinese privilege was oppressing her race in Singapore.

Navya Singh who mentioned that she was born in an extremely rural town in India, posted several videos on her TikTok account @with_navya, where she slammed Singapore and the Singapore government for being incompetent in dealing with the problem of Chinese privilege.

As it wasn’t enough just for Navya Singh to slam the Singapore government, she decided to mock and condemn Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about his National Day Rally speech. Navya Singh posted a TikTok video shortly after the NDR on 29th Aug, and called the Prime Minister out for lying about the seriousness of Chinese privilege, and how her race was being severely oppressed in Singapore.

In one of her TikTok videos, she even claims that it was mostly the males who deny the existence of Chinese privilege in Singapore. She then goes on to claim that Singapore also has gender privilege, where males have significantly better advantages over females. Navya Singh has even did a follow up three part series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) about how Chinese privilege has continued to oppress her race in Singapore. She even considers it racist, when there aren’t jobs in Singapore where speaking a minority language was a requirement.

In fact, Navya Singh managed to score her very own discussion thread on the Hardwarezone forums last week, where many angry netizens were calling for her to be thrown back to her motherland, and to report her to the police for sowing racial unrest, while there were also some who said it was a mistake for the Singapore Government to grant her the citizenship.

We are pretty sure that any employer with half a functioning brain would think twice about hiring her. But then again, she might play the Chinese privilege card again if she gets rejected from the job interview.

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