24-year-old Singaporean Charged for Wakeboarding at War Memorial is a CEO Who Loves Wakeboarding Sport

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Just a couple of days ago, local news reported about a 24-year-old Singaporean man who was charged in court after he was seen wakeboarding at a World War II memorial.

Apparently, a member of the public who was walking past witnessed the actions of this young man and a few others and decided to make a police report. Bravo!

This 24-year-old young man was Stephan Kovalkov, who was charged with willfully interfering with a national monument under the Preservation of Monuments Act. Or to paraphrase simply, Stephan Kovalkov was charged for bloody disrespecting a monument meant to pay respects to the heroes who gave their lives in World War II during the Japanese Occupation.

However, a quick google of his name, surfaced some interesting findings about this Stephan Kovalkov. Stephan Kovalkov is apparently the CEO of Solateks Pte Ltd, a company dealing with solar power panels and EV charging systems, founded in 2020.

A quick look at his VK profile (similar to what a Facebook profile is), showed that Stephan Kovalkov is actually quite an avid wakeboarding enthusiast, as there are photos of him taking part in that sport.

So why did this Stephan Kovalkov decide to try out his wakeboarding hobby on one of the most sacred places in Singapore? A World War II Memorial? Is it because his business was hit so bad, that he can no longer afford to do proper wakeboarding in the sea? Or is it because he thinks that he can plainly disregard the law and disrespect our country’s fallen heroes just because he is a CEO?

Our advice is that the CEO should go back to school and learn more about Singapore’s history before he desecrates another historical monument.

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